About Us

Willow Trading SA sells & distributes books throughout Southern Africa.

We have a special focus on children's books and aim to assist indie & self published local authors wherever possible.

We at Willow ensure that we offer reasonably priced books of decent quality that we think and hear the buying public want. We also ensure that we place particular focus on children’s books as well as on local talent (authors, illustrators etc.). Willow ensures that our stock has a large percentage of children’s fiction and non-fiction books.

Willow offers authors free advice and suggestions about editing, cover design, printing and other book publishing aspects, this is offered to all indie authors whether they sign up with Willow for Sales & Distribution or not. Many authors do not realise that they need a distributor to get their books on the shelves of most bookshops and also do not know how (or do not want to) to market their books to other channels - this is something that Willow wants to assist authors with and to show them how many other channels there are to market and sell their books.

Willow also promotes the sale of books to schools and libraries. As well as marketing to businesses who want to help their staff ad community in some way through books, reading and learning. Willow actively markets to psychologists, therapists, caregivers, teachers, parents, advisors etc.

We at Willow welcome any and all suggestions and positive criticism. We can all learn through sharing knowledge, experience and networks. Our motto is TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More! The adventure of Willow has proven this motto to be true and we are continuously surprised by the kindness of others and the fact that if you put it out ‘there’ something will come back